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Climbers all have a story about how they got started, and 14-year-old Kai Lightner’s introduction is particularly striking — and not only because he’s a brilliant climber. Much like Tiger Woods in golf or the Williams sisters in tennis, he could change the demographics of climbing. This film, directed by George Knowles, isn’t about race, however, it’s about family. His single mother has become his regular belay partner, one who also makes sure that he maintains straight A’s in school. It’s clear that she wants what’s best for her son, and if that means spending hours with her hands on a belay device and her neck craned upward, so be it.

5Point Film Festival – WINNER – Most Inspiring
MountainFilm in Telluride – RUNNER-UP – Charlie Fowler
Banff Mountain Film Festival – RUNNER UP – People’s Choice – Radical Reels
Film Festival Flix – 2ND RUNNER UP – Best Short Film
New York WILD Film Festival – SPECIAL JURY AWARD

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